Workflow Supercharged

A theme development system that’ll help you not only get started quickly, but create your themes with all the best practices baked in.

The course will be delivered as a set of screencasts and downloadable checklists. Here’s a rough outline for what this course is going to have:

  1. Source code for the entire theme development system
  2. Video walkthroughs of every section of the theme development system so you understand exactly how to use it and what’s going on.
  3. Video tutorials on how to install all the things you need on your Mac!
  4. Functions library – a library of helpful functions that will help you optimize your theme and make repetitive tasks quicker.
  5. SASS for WP Themes – an opinionated tutorial on how to set up SASS partials for maintainability and easy reading, specifically for WordPress themes
  6. Developing Responsively from the beginning – a screencast to help reset how you approach coding a design, even if your designer always starts with desktop-first designs.
  7. Personalizing the system – a video on how to personalize the system and make changes for your specific needs.
  8. The Done checklist – a checklist to go through at the end of every project before you deliver so you’ve caught everything and created the extra pieces that will have your clients jumping for joy.
  9. The Audit Checklist – a checklist to make sure your theme has basic formatting, SEO, performance, accessibility, and security features.
  10. The Getting Started Checklist – a checklist to make sure you’ve asked your clients for all the information you need so you don’t have to go back and ask again later.

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